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Blitz mode is a dynamic version of the game, designed for synchronous multiplayer. First official version is released on 16-July-18.

This mode is separate from the Standard one - the players get different characters, the leaderboards and visible games/friends playing are also separate ones. Both modes can be played at the same time, e.g. playing a Blitz mode game will not affect players' Standard mode character and progress.


The main difference in this game mode is that a single day here lasts only 15 minutes, instead of 24 hours as it is in the Standard game mode. This also means faster, much faster Stamina regeneration. At the same time the hunger and especially the thirst of your character will rise also at a very fast rate.

The Blitz mode can be played by no more than 10 players in a single Village. Considering the time pressure, the communication is key and external voice com solutions, such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc, as well as forming a group and starting together at the same time, are highly recommended.


  • One day lasts 15 minutes, instead of 24 hours. Respectively, Hunger, Thirst and Stamina values change much, much faster;
  • Max number of players is 10; Players can join up to the end of day 4, the first 2 days 5 slots are reserved for friends only;
  • Resources don't regenerate overnight, items and camps don't disappear; Resources are more scarce in each Resource point of interest;
  • Villagers regenerate more Stamina and Health overnight and relatively less Stamina on rest (if you rest 1 day in Blitz (15 minutes) you get less Stamina than if you rest 1 day in Normal (24 hours));
  • Buildings are much cheaper;
  • Destroying a Monster Lair and bringing back St. Valence Relics are more effective (-20 attack / +30 defense)
  • Each player provides much more defense when guarding, more bonus in socializing, better tower detection, less people are required to banish someone, etc.
  • Night attack value and monsters are increased much more for a given number of players; Enemies are spawned closer to the village;
  • No guardian angel or rejuvenation potion or other beginners boosts apply;
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