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Creating and modifying a camp is one of the actions, available while in Area map view. Camps improve your chances of survival during the nights out in The Forest.

Camp Actions[edit | edit source]

Creating a camp can done by a button above character's head and costs 10 Stamina. It represents the effort of the character to find a suitable, well hidden place for camping in the area. Each area, besides The Village can contain one camp.

All characters, which remain in the area during the Night Phase, benefit equally from the camp - it does not matter who established it.

Each camp has a storage, which can be used for safekeeping Items, but only in case there are villagers there during the Night Phase - otherwise the items or the whole camp might be gone the next time the area is visited.

Camp action

Action Stamina cost Effect Image
Create a camp 10 The initial establishing of a camp in that area
Basic camp.png
Действия които могат да се правят в лагера
Light fire 2 Requires flint and steel. Fire increases the chances for you to be discovered by Creatures during the Night Phase, but reduces the chance of them attacking and their attack power.
Fire camp.png
Pitch a tent 3 Requires a tent. Villagers in this location will recover more Stamina during the Night Phase.
Full camp.png
Extinguish fire 2 Undoes the effect of lighting a fire.
Tent Camp.png
Pack a tent 3 You get the tent from the camp back in your inventory.
Basic camp.png

Camp attacks[edit | edit source]

There are three stages of camp attacks - detection by a large group of enemies, detection by a small group of enemies, decision to attack, combat. These attacks are part of the Night Phase and can never happen during the rest of the day.

Detection[edit | edit source]

Chances of a camp being discovered by monsters during the Night Phase are increased by several things:

  • A terrain with high visibility;
  • More villagers in the area;
  • Not having a camp;
  • Having a fire;
  • Being near The Village (large groups);
  • If there are Creatures in the area of the camp, they will probably attack.

Upon discovery by a large group, most players are instantly killed. Only the lucky will survive, and those with the "Scout" Trait have an advantage.

Decision[edit | edit source]

Upon discovery by a small group, the Creatures decide whether to attack. The following things reduce the chances of them attacking:

  • More villagers in the area;
  • A camp;
  • A fire.

Attack[edit | edit source]

If the Creatures decide to attack, they deal damage to the villagers. The factors, reducing theis damage are the same as those, affecting the decision to attack.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Never leave your character outside during the Night Phase, without making a camp;
  • Try camping in Forest or Deep Forest;
  • Never camp around The Village (distance less than 3);
  • Camps and Items in them, left alone during the Night Phase, might disappear.;
  • If you plan to camp, take flint and steel and a tent with you;