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Carry weight is one of the three secondary statistics of The Character. It measures how heavy items is the character carrying at any given moment.

Carry weight capacity[]

Carry weight capacity =Strength * 5 [weight units]

This value is modified by Laborer Trait, which provides 20% bonus carrying capacity. Respectively, all factors, affecting Strength will have effect on carry weight capacity as well.

Movement penalties[]

There is no limitation towards the count of items carried, only of their combined weight, but the more The Character carries, the more his Mobility decreases, as a result of "Loaded" Condition.

Carry weight "Loaded" level Movement cost
0-20% Carry weight capacity 0 100%
21-40% Carry weight capacity 1 133%
41-60% Carry weight capacity 2 167%
61-80% Carry weight capacity 3 200%
81-100% Carry weight capacity 4 233%


  • Travel light, especially on long distances.
  • Usually it is not worthy to get overburden with less important Items if you are far away from The Village - it might cost you a lot of additional Stamina.
  • Don't hesitate to drop some Items, if you need to flee from a battle. Regardless how much you drop, some enemies will still probably be faster than you, though.
  • Don't hesitate to drop some Items, if you don't have the Stamina to get back to The Village in time and you need to.