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Version 1+[]

Ver. (1-Nov-2018)[]

  • Workshop Improvements;


  • Carrying capacity not visually updated after Strength is increased
  • Resurrection game mechanics issues;
  • Monster Layer "hanging" when destroyed with multiple players on the tile
  • Monster Lair achievementUpdating in few seconds

Ver. (30-Oct-2018)[]


  • Fixed Inability to repair damaged flintlock pistols and rifles;
  • Fishing now works properly for scoring and achievements, also properly displays result screen;
  • Added a numerical value input in the Bulk Crafting;
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements;


  • Durability decrease of items is now more evenly split - it is much more unlikely that an item will lose durability after 1-2 uses, as well as not to lose after 5-6 (yet not impossible);
  • Scavengers are now even better in finding Points of interest;
  • Finding of PoI and efficiency of scouting from the watchtower is less random;
  • Scouting from the watchtower is seriously boosted;

Halloween Update Details ver. (28-Oct-2018)[]

The Halloween event will be live from Oct 29th (starting at 1am CET, 7pm EDT, 7am Beijing Time) till the Night Attack on Nov 5th.

Happy Halloween Horror: Join the "Pumpkin Hunt" in the dark forests of Grimmwood!

Let's talk about... Pumpkins! What would become of Halloween if not for our humble, orange friend - no Jack O'Lanterns, no pumpkin pie, no headless rider, no... Halloween!

That's why the "Pumpkin Hunt" is available until Nov 5th! Make sure to collect as many pumpkins as possible as you not only can unlock new Steam achievements, but will also refresh your precious stamina points. They can be found at all points of interest or dropped as loot from killed monsters (god knows what they were going to do with them...).

Halloween Update.jpg


Here’s a list with the key update features:

  • A new “Pumpkin” item
    • Will be available only during the Halloween Event;
    • Can be used as food and the Stamina Points it gives won’t affect your Hunger levels (meaning that all SP’s you gain by eating Pumpkins will further extend the SP amount available daily.);
    • Will be very light in terms of weight (will weigh roughly as much as any Herb item);
    • Can be found in any Point of Interest and will drop from killed Monsters.


  • 3 new achievements
    • “Pumpkin Retriever”
    • “Pumpkin Hunter”
    • “Pumpkin Master”

Note: All three can be achieved by eating Pumpkins, which means that you’ll only have the week of the Halloween Event to get those.

  • A new “Bulk Crafting” functionality:
    • Allows you to craft more than one item simultaneously;
    • Will contain a detailed report on the number of the successful and the failed attempts, the SP’s spent, the potential change in the durability of the tolls used.
  • A new “Root Porridge” recipe:
    • Made out of Roots;
    • Makes the cooked roots 100% safe for eating.

bug fixes[]

  • Numerous bug fixes, optimizations and improvements.

Ver. (24-Oct-2018)[]

Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Wall walk is now fully functional - guards are properly allocated on it;
  • Problems with blitz, that sometimes caused an attack 15 seconds earlier or double attack fixed;
  • Problems with some achievements are fixed;
  • Disoriented leader can no longer end up in a different area than theirs followers;
  • Bonus item fixes;
  • Fixed several issues with dead monsters not disappearing or properly indicated;
  • Many other smaller or less visible to the players fixes and optimizations;
  • Also, drinking water no longer pops up a result screen and closes the window

Version (12-Oktomber-2018)[]

Features and Content[]

  • Extended follow mode – now allow you to lead a bunch of offline players and also use their characters in combat;
  • New items – Druid stone, Crystal ball, Magic flute, Bottomless flask, Axe of the Legendary Woodcutter, 5 protective amulets, 4 new armor pieces, calming tea, boar hide and a new herb;
  • Performance rewards, which players will receive as a starting gear for new villages after they did well in their previous ones;
  • Global map filters, allowing you to easily find the resources you need;
  • New monster animations;
  • 51 Achievements;
  • Trading cards;
  • 2 new professions
    • blacksmith
    • leather worker;
  • 3 new languages
    • Chinese
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian;
  • a lot of improvements and fixes


  • More stamina is received over night, but:
  • Difficulty is slightly increased, mainly in night attack values (which are also less random now);
  • Starting and Max Stamina increased by 50;
  • Squirrel potion now provides more Stamina (70), but the Hyperactive negative effect is also boosted to 35 Stamina loss;
  • Durability of some items slightly increased - spear, sword, bow, rifle and pistol;
  • Deer and boars now provide leather / boar hide when hunted so that players can craft more of the new armors;
  • Monster damage slightly increased; witches now see you from further away, run faster and retaliate more (beware!);
  • Stressed and Invigorated now have 4 levels each, gained on smaller steps and with smaller bonuses (but bigger as a sum); Negative Sanity conditions are lost more easily than before;
  • (and of course) you now get 2 firewood for breaking down 1 whitewood.

Version 1-[]

Version beta (16-July-2018)[]


  • Blitz mode - play short and dynamic games with fast Stamina regeneration and up to 10 players in a village.

Major Changes:[]

  • Monsters now drop loot when killed;
  • New craftable armor is added - leather armor;
  • Global markers added - mark subsequent destinations and be navigated to them;
  • Weapons quality now affects the defense value a player provides for the night attack; Weapons used in NA lose durability.


  • Less giants and witches are generated and more of everything else (dwarf numbers remain the same)
  • More recipes require knife (cooking meat and fish; bedroll, bandage, stakes; it is easier to make or repair a knife; stakes can be broken down, but quarterstaffs can't; both cannot be repaired.

Fixes and Improvements:[]

  • Traveling via the global map interface is now possible; Mouse over on areas now shows more info, including village name;
  • Forum improvements: date/time added, possibility to edit each of your posts, bigger character limits, reply to your own posts, etc...
  • Notifications added when new chat/forum messages are received;
  • Clicking on heavy stack of item now shows you how much you can take;
  • Re-rolls left are now more visible in character creature screen;
  • Custom mouse cursors added;
  • When a villager gets lost due to Disoriented condition, pop up notification is received;
  • New status messages added for crafting and building;
  • Fixed a major bug, allowing players to do actions after death;
  • Fixed several bugs with Stamina calculation in follow mode;
  • Several bugs with guardian angel and banishment fixed;
  • Fixed a bug, disallowing players to scout for Lairs when attack is determined;
  • Fixed bugs that cause items appearing twice or with wrong durability;
  • Many other smaller fixes and improvements.

Version beta changes ( 21-June-2018 )[]


  • Scouting from the watchtower reveals all near-by areas around the village;
  • The deep forest near the village can never be a small one anymore;
  • Most herbs are more scarce, but golden thyme is easier to find; Healing potion now costs more stamina to make;
  • Stakes are once again made by quarterstaffs;
  • Unstable perk is now less punishing and counts for more negative points (so that you get better other perks and gear if you have it);
  • Sanity bonus and penalty from night attack is reduced;
  • Aerobic state (rabbit's potion) is even more beneficial;
  • A bit more firewood is restored overnight and gathering of firewood is more efficient (slightly boosted);
  • Foods are now more balanced - nuts, apples and berries stamina gain is a bit reduced, the opposite is done with roots and mushrooms;
  • Underbrushes are found less often, ponds are found more often; overall number of food providing Points of interests is kept the same, only slightly reduced in swamps;
  • Boars and deer has lesser chance to hit a hunter during hunting.

Fixes and Improvements:[]

  • Servers side optimization for smoother playing and faster night attack;
  • Fixing issues with the Night Attack not “passing through”;
  • Fixing post-Night Attack game lagging issues;
  • Global Map UI optimization;
  • Fixing known UI issues;
  • Fixing the bug causing the Search option to not be available;
  • Fixing the bug that prevented the Village Daily Report not be available right after a Player’s death during the Night Attack.

Version beta changes ( 05-June-2018 )[]

Major Changes:[]

  • Translation in French (thanks to OkaX) and Spanish (thanks to Chuca and Sendo);
  • Players can now choose in which of the villages you have friends in to join;
  • Players can now re-roll their characters 10 times;
  • While a villager has ongoing negative vote against him/her, he/she cannot take items from the storage and cannot craft; Undecided votes now continue in the next days; You can no longer vote for yourself.


  • Rejuvenation potion now results in "Nauseous" condition;
  • Max stamina increased with 50;
  • Herbalist can no longer be absent-minded or clumsy; Laborers cannot be weak;
  • Average starting threat slightly increased;
  • Moat cost now starts from 1350 stamina and reaches 1800 (+50 per level);
  • Moat: Spikes now cost 20 - 25 - 30 - 35 wooden spikes;
  • Quarterstaff and stakes cannot be broken down; tent costs only 2 whitewood + 2 cloth;
  • Villagers now have 50% more time/stamina usage before thirsty condition; dehydrated condition is not affected by this change;
  • Banished players (temporarily) are no longer re-spawned in the same village.

Fixes and Improvements:[]

  • Problem with feeding a companion in follow mode fixed;
  • Problem with eating and drinking while with Boots of speed fixed ("curse" removed);
  • Added indication of players in Town Hall for who a voting is ongoing;
  • Problem with refresh of loaded condition fixed;
  • Wrong sneak cost indication fixed;
  • Wrong house capacity fixed;
  • Wrong indication of max durability of item in workshop fixed;
  • Problem with sticking effects after guardian angel resurrection fixed;
  • Many other smaller improvements and fixes.

Version beta changes ( 21 May )[]

Major Changes:[]

  • Stamina regeneration - 1 point for 5/10/15 minutes - no condition / thirsty / dehydrated - (was 10/15/20);
  • Stamina Cap - 200 / 150 / 250 (normal / unfit / vigorous) - (was 150 / 130 / 180);
  • Monster lairs spawn a bit further; more of them spawn each day;
  • Trees in groves are now much, much less (-50%).

Other changes:[]

  • Stomach problems leads to 50 less max stamina (was 25);
  • Potions and drinking from the gourdwater jug and water skin now reduce thirst by 50% more;
  • Squirrel's potion provides 60 Stamina boost, but 30 overnight penalty (was 40/20);
  • Camping is now not recommended up to distance 3 from the village (it was 2);
  • Monsters generation logic and balance changed;
  • Herbages are now more rare;
  • Cost of Eagle's potion, Bear's Potion, Rabbit's potion and Owl's potion increased to 10, difficulty to brew them is also increased. (brewing costed 5 Stamina);
  • Boar's potion has lesser chance to give you nauseous;
  • Perk generation values rebalanced;
  • Making a camp now cost 10 stamina (was 5);
  • Health Restored per night is increased considerably;
  • Item spawn is reduced;
  • Each level of tower requires 2 ropes (was 1);
  • Initial Stamina - 175 (+/-50 Unfit / Vigorous).

Version beta changes ( 15 May )[]

  • UI polish and optimization;
  • Attack cool-down added (giving all players in a Battle the time react to actions of the others ;)
  • Fixed issue with alive players in Battle losing too much Sanity when another Player dies in the same Battle; 
  • In Battle the weapons are sorted by hit chance;
  • Fixed issue causing too many Ponds to be generated;
  • Night attack fixes and optimizations;
  • Woodcutters can no longer be Clumsy;
  • Hatchet no longer requires quarterstaff to be made.