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Deep forest area map.png

Deep forest is one of the 5 terrains in Grimmwood. There is always at least one zone of it within distance 2 of The Village.

This terrain is the main source of darkwood and a good source of food.

Entering a deep forest does not reveal the neighboring tiles.

Image Travelling cost* Visibility Points of interest**
Deep forest.png
12 lowest Always a Darkwood grove

A lot of Hunting grounds and Underbrushes

Point of interest specifics[]

  • Food source distribution: Underbrush is most common, then Hunting ground and rarely Ponds.
  • Underbrush distribution: most roots, mushrooms and cabbage.
  • Pond fish distribution: mostly small and medium fish.
  • Pond water contamination risk: Low.
  • Herbage distribution: maiden lilies are most common; black garlic, wild mint, redberry and hagsleaf can be found.
  • Darkwood grove can always be found here and all Darkwood groves are much more abundant.


  • Travelling through Deep forest has high Stamina cost, so try to avoid them.
  • When there are a lot of monsters you need to avoid, travel through Deep forest - the chances to be discovered are lowest there.
  • Deep forest is the best place to camp.
  • The Underbrushes in Deep forest are no good.
  • It is harder to gather firewood here.
  • Fishing net is the best choice for fishing here.
  • The best tool for woodcutting here is the Saw.