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The gate is a very important structure in Grimmwood. 25% of the remaining monsters after they are killed by towers attack the gates.

  • Damage is inflicted to the gate based on a simple formula: (monsters attacking gate - gate protection)

as long as the attack is not greater than the (current gate durability)+(gate protection), the gate will hold, but possibly take damage.

For example
60 monsters attack a gate with 100 gate durability and 50 gate protection, the gate remains standing and recieves 10 points of damage.
  • It takes 3 points of stamina per durability lost on the gate to repair
  • If the number of monsters attacking the gate exceeds (gate durability)+(gate protection), then monsters get into town based on another formula: (monsters attacking gate) - (gate defense)
For example
121 monsters attack a gate with 70 durability, 20 gate protection, and 50 defense. 71 monsters will break through. Then 90% of the total breakthrough of gate and wall actually attack the village.