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Before April 18, 2018, this game was known as Grimm Forest and briefly as Gora: They come at Night.

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"Grimmwood" is a challenging co-op PC game on Steam, seamlessly blending elements of survival, strategy and exploration. In an ageless, mystical forest, together with up to 30 other strangers, you need to defend your Village because each night, around midnight, the monsters will attack.

The game itself has a vast variety of gameplay features – we have summarized some of them below. If you want more in-depth look of our game and the development process, you should definitely check out and follow our blog section, i. Briefly, you will:

  • become a simple villager – control a normal fellow with his strengths and weaknesses, traits and goals;
  • tune up for day/night cycles – during the day prepare yourselves (build, repair, craft, brew, scavenge); during the nights fend off bandits, beasts and monsters;
  • cooperate or defect – work together to survive, plan, discuss, vote, elect village roles; beware of selfish and malicious fellows;
  • explore the woods to gather precious resources, items, artifacts and knowledge, but watch your step; there is no telling what creatures you will encounter.

~ from the official site

Release date: Aug 2, 2018