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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Grimmwood. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

The ABC's for Survival[]

  • There are tutorial videos in the Settings menu, as well as a Forum and a chat, in which you can ask the other players for help; in Grimmwood, you are very weak alone;
  • Stamina is your core resource for the day - learn how to use it wisely;
  • Wandering around is costly and dangerous; If you decide to exit The Village, make sure you will be back for The Attack (there is a clock in the bottom left corner). Save enough Stamina to do it. It is best to exit if you know exactly where you are going and why (exploration included);
  • Don't fight alone and while inexperienced - monsters are stronger than you in this game; If you are attacked by monsters, don't panic - either drop your gear and flee or call and wait for help; Even when you win tough battles, you will probably lose both Sanity and Health and these are very hard to recover - it might take days;
  • If you're going to spend the night out, make a camp, preferably in a forest;
  • If you need help, but you can't get it instantly, click the "Trust all" button next to your avatar - it will allow the other players to lead you back home;
  • Drink water - if you dehydrate, you die;
  • Any Item you take or use from the Storage might be very valuable or needed elsewhere - avoid taking tools, too much potions or epic items, until you know how to get the best of them;


  • Again, Stamina management is one of the greatest aspects of Grimmwood. Knowing how much you can do with the time available to you will maximize your character's efficiency. Think about how often can you login, when you are able to login, and how long you are able to play for each time you login.
  • If remaining logged in and not planning on doing any actions for a while, remember to press the ZZZ button in the top right to allow your character to rest and start regaining stamina.
  • Communication with your fellow townsman is crucial to a successful Village. Discuss what you like to build, what is needed to make it, and how you are collectively going to acquire those items.
  • Use the forums to organize what items are needed in the Village. Forum posts are more likely to be seen compared to chat and can be categorised into topics such as Defenses, Help, Exploration, Voting.
  • Think about which Perks you have, are you better at fishing, chopping wood, scouting, crafting, keeping people's sanity up. Using your perks to full effect will be highly beneficial to your Village.
  • Use the Watchtower daily. For only 3 sp, the whole Village will be able to see the size of the next attack during the Night Phase.
  • When logging off inside the Village, it is good practice to leave tools in Storage, allowing others to access and use them. (assuming the others don't simply steal all the stuff to break down or haul out of the village and stash it elsewhere.)
  • Don't use instruments with 1 Durability. If you break them completely, they will be hard to repair;
  • Try using potions each day if available, until you get the Nauseous Condition. If you don't know what you need, Squirrel's and Boar's always help, providing more Stamina;
  • It is best to wait until a rest cycle is complete (every ten minutes) before conducting an action as you will lose any progress made in that cycle.

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