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Meadow area map.png

Meadow is one of the 5 terrains in Grimmwood. The Village is always encircled with meadows, zones of meadows are also generated on random spots around the map.

This terrain in great for travelling and searching for Items.

Image Name Travelling cost* Visibility Points of interest**
Meadow 6 high Items / loot spawns more often

Point of interest specifics[]

  • Food source distribution: Underbrush is most common, then Pond and then Hunting ground;
  • Underbrush distribution: apples are most common, then nuts and berries, then roots and mushrooms.
  • Pond fish distribution: mostly small and medium fish;
  • Pond water contamination risk: High;
  • Herbage distribution: golden thyme and black garlic are most common, wild mint, redberry and needleflower can be found;
  • More Items are spawned here;


  • When travelling, try to plan your way through meadows as much as possible to reduce the Stamina cost.
  • When there are monsters in a Meadow and you don't want confrontation, do not enter it. There is a high chance to get spotted instantly.
  • NEVER camp in a meadow - you will most probably get spotted during the night.
  • The Underbrushes food in the Meadows is great.
  • Fishing net is the best choice for fishing here.
  • Search the meadows for thyme to make Healing potions.