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The Night Phase happens at the same time every 24 hours. During this time the Village is attacked by the creatures of Grimmwood.


During this time characters will recover stamina and health.
Characters will recover more stamina and health if they chose to Meditate.
Characters will recover sanity if they chose to Socialise.


Those with dehydration may die during the Night Phase, it is recorded in the log as "Died from Kidney Failure"
Characters who are attacked outside the Village may be killed.
Characters who are attacked during the Night Attack may be killed.

The Attack[]

The attack happens in this order, with some random distribution involved. If at any point during the attack all the monsters are stopped or killed, the fight stops and no further damage is inflicted.

  1. First, guards from the towers will kill as many monsters as they can before they reach the village. These monsters are not given a chance to fight back.
  2. The Monsters who reach the Village will split between the Gate and Wall (1:3) and attack.
  3. Some monsters will attempt to destroy the Gate. If they are successful, they will break through.
  4. Some monsters will attempt to destroy the Wall. If they are successful, they will break through.
  5. Monsters that have broken through will split up to attack all villagers.
  6. Monsters will attack villagers who are guarding, possibly injuring and killing them.
  7. Monsters will attack those in their houses, possibly injuring and killing them.
  8. People camping outside have a chance of being attacked, possibly killing them.
  9. Some sanity is gained for a successful defence or lost for an unsuccessful defence based on the number of monsters/villagers killed.
  10. An unsuccessful defence also results in some items in Storage to be pillaged.


  • Setting your character to Guard of an evening adds 6 defence points to the Village.
  • Scouting reveals an estimate of the attack that evening. The more people scouting, the more accurate the attack estimation will be.
  • Having a Sling, Bow, Masterful Bow or Flintlock rifle in your backpack whilst guarding can add up to an additional 6 defence, if there are available Guard Positions on the Towers.