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Points of interest represent all important locations and objects in Grimmwood which can be found in The Forest.

They can be separated into three categories - Resource, Item, and Special Points of Interest.

Resource PoIs[]

In these PoIs, the players can try to get some resources on the cost of Stamina. Often, a tool is required.

PoI Image Actions Resources Commonly found in Description
Whitewood grove‏‎ Whitewood grove.png Gather firewood (5 Stamina)

Chop whitewood (10 Stamina + tool)

Whitewood, firewood Forest A grove with whitewood trees, which is a great material for constructing light structures.
Darkwood grove Darkwood grove.png Gather firewood (5 Stamina)

Chop darkwood (10 Stamina + tool)

darkwood, firewood Deep Forest A grove with darkwood trees - they are a suitable material for steadier constructions
Underbrush Underbrush.png Search for food (5 Stamina) nuts, berries, apples, wild cabbage, roots and mushrooms Forest, Deep Forest, Meadow, Hills You might find all kinds of nuts, berries, mushrooms and other edible stuff around here.
Hunting ground Hunting Ground.png Hunt (10 Stamina) meat Forest, Deep Forest There are some game tracks around here, so if you are suitably armed, you can try hunting. Beware, though, some of the animals might be dangerous.
Pond Pond.png Fish (10 Stamina)

Drink water / fill with water (free action)

fish, water Swamp There might be fish in this small pond. Who knows whether the water is drinkable, but if you are too thirsty, you might do that as well.
Herbage Herbage.png Search for herbs (5 Stamina) herbs for Potions Hills, Swamp Useful herbs can be gathered around here and then brewed into powerful potions.

Item PoIs[]

Item Points of interest contain items, which can be freely taken when discovered. Few of them can be used as a safe storage.

Note that the items, which a villager drops on the ground behave like an Item PoI, but are not considered as such.

PoI Image Item count Item list Storage capacity Rarity
Drop items Drop.png N/A

These contain items that have been dropped by Villagers.

unlimited Common
Loot Plyachka.png произволно зависи от жертвата няма генерира се при убит противник
Abandoned fireplace Abandoned fireplace.png 1-2 potatoes (3), nuts (3), roots (3), waterskin, gourdwater jug, bed roll, useless iron, grape (2), quarterstaff,  broken bone, sling, tent, flint, cloth 0 Common
Torn backpack Rucksack.png 1-2 potatoes (3), nuts (3), roots (3), useless iron, rope, cloth,  flint,  sling, small hammer 0 Common
Broken wagon Broken wagon.png 3-5 Grape (4), nuts (6), potatoes (6), apples (6), berries (8), Shovel.png shovel, Axe.png axe, tent, bedroll, rope (3), useless iron (5), iron hardware (3), quarterstaff, flint, Small Hammer.png Small Hammer, wild cabbage (3) 0 Average
Dead bandit Dead Bandit.png 2-3 nuts (3),  apples (2), bed roll, useless iron, knife, bow, hatchet, axe, spear, pistol, sword, rifle, flint, waterskin, gourdwater jug 0 Average
Dead soldier Dead Soldier.png 1-4 apples (2),  knife, gourdwater, cloth, bed roll, flint, useless iron, spear, pistol, sword,  rifle 0 Average
Dead traveler Dead traveler.png 1-4 potatoes (3), nuts (3), roots (3), apples (2), grape (2), gourdwater jug, waterskin, quarterstaff, stake, knife, sling,  bed roll, small hammer, useless iron, axe,  hatchet, bow, broken bone,  cloth, flint 0 Average
Hidden stash Hidden Stash.png 2-4 tent, axe, rope, useless iron (3), iron hardware (3), cloth (3), pistol, rifle, sword, knife (2), 500 Average
Forest lodge Hunter's cabin.png 2-6 saw, hacksaw, pliers, hatchet, axe, shovel, small hammer, sledge hammer, useless iron (3), planks (2), knife, pillers (2), iron hardware (2), potatoes (4), roots (4), cabbage (4), fishing rod, fishing net, bow, rifle 3000 Rare
Hunter's Cabin Hunter's cabin.png 3-5 saw, hacksaw, pliers, hatchet, axe, shovel, small hammer,  rope, useless iron (5), iron hardware (3), planks (3), pillars (2), rope (2), bow, rifle, fishing rod, fishing net, harpoon 1500 Rare

Special PoIs[]

Special PoIs in general have nothing to do with one another - this is just a group of PoIs with unique rules. Each of them should be

PoI Image Function Description
Spring Spring.png Drink and fill containers with clean water. Here you can quench your thirst and refill your flasks with fresh water.
Camp Camp area info.png Get better conditions for Camping.

Use as a storage.

A secluded place, which hopefully will provide better rest and protection for the night.
Tombstone Tombstone.png Contains the items of the deceased. One of your fellow villagers died here.
Fresh grave Fresh Grave.png Can be used to resurrect the villager with Water of Life.

Contains the items of the deceased.

Here lies a recently deceased fellow, who can still be revived by water of life.
Ruined chapel Ruined Chapel.png Contains up to two rare and an epic item. Guarded by an epic monster Giant or Witch.

Rare items: Dust of disappearance (3), Rejuvenation elixir (2), Looking glass, Masterful bow, Boots of Speed,  Breast plate, telescope

Epic items: Water of Life, Dead-eye flintlock, St. Valence's relics, Sword of the Red King, Legendary Axe

An item with great power rests between the walls of this place. Surely, it has attracted the attention of great evil.
Monster Lair Monster Lair.png Can be destroyed for 10 Stamina Destroying the Monster Lair will reduce the incoming attack that night by 6.

Guarded by Gray Dwarves.

Monsters gather at this wretched place, and at night they march from here to the gates of the village. This camp must be destroyed!