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Potions are crafted from herbs found outside The Village. Upon drinking a potion The Character gains some effects, which will last until the end of the day (during the Night Phase).

Instant Potions[]

Image Name Effect Description
Items.HealingTea.png Healing tea +20 Health Golden thyme is most often found in the meadows. Tea, brewed from this herb, has incredible healing properties.
Items.MintTea.png Mint tea removes stomach problems condition Mint tea is always a pleasant drink and especially helpful if your stomach is aching.
Items.RejuvenationElixir.png Rejuvenation Elixir Max Stamina[1] Drinking this magical essence will restore your stamina to its maximum.

Strong Potions[]

Image Name Effect Description
Items.SwinesPotion.png Boar's potion +200 Hunger This potion will boost your metabolism - it will instantly increase your hunger.
Items.SquirrelsPotion.png Squirrel's potion Hyperactive condition
+60 Stamina instantly
-30 Stamina during the Night Phase
This potion will instantly energize you, but will have its toll on your night's rest. Also, your stomach might not take it well.
Items.EaglesPotion.png Eagle's potion gives Alert condition .
+20 Perception boost
-10 Concentration penalty
This potion will boost your senses, but will make you anxious and it will be hard for you to focus on anything for long. Also, your stomach might not take it well.
Items.OwlsPotion.png Owl's potion gives Deep focus condition .
+20 Concentration boost
-10 Perception penalty
This potion will help you concentrate greatly, but your perception will be dulled. Better use it only before some calm and complex tasks like crafting. Also, your stomach might not take it well.
Items.BearsPotion.png Bear's potion gives Empowered condition.
+20 Strength boost
-Average Mobility penalty
This potion will boost your strength, but will make your movements more stiff and you will walk and run more slowly. Also, your stomach might not take it well.
Items.RabbitsPotion.png Rabbit's potion gives Aerobic state condition.
+High Mobility boost
-10 Strength penalty
After drinking this potion you will be able to run for long, but you will feel weakness in the muscles in more extreme physical tasks. Also, your stomach might not take it well.


  • Combine Sharp-eyed perk with Eagle's potion for greater Perception boost, useful for searching / gathering.
  • Combine Focused perk with Owl's potion for greater Concentration boost, useful for crafting / hunting / fishing.
  • If you don't need any special stats boost in the day, it is always good to drink as much Boar's potion as you can, and eat for extra stamina.
  • It restores to the maximum the hero's current stamina
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