You can repair items in Workshop which is located in The Village. The items for repair and the required tools have to be in your personal Inventory.

When you try to repair an item, you spend Stamina. There is chance of failure that depends on repair difficulty (indicated for the selected recipe and taking in consideration all bonuses and penalties of the villager). The more damage the item has sustained, the harder and more expensive (in Stamina) is the repairing action. There is an additional penalty if the item is completely broken (its Durability is 0).

Some Perks and Conditions affect difficulty of repairing, especially Craftsman. Also Concentration and Dexterity influence all kinds of craft.



  • used tools might lose 1 Durability (chance based);
  • required Stamina is lost;
  • the Maximum Durability of the repaired item might decreased with 1 (skill based);

Upon successful repairing, the item current Durability becomes equal to the maximum one.

Upon unsuccessful repairing, nothing more is lost.


See the tips section in the Workshop.

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