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Searching for Points of interest is one of the actions, available while in Area map view. They are the source of Items and resources of all types.

Each area has a number of Points of interest, known to the player, which are initially hidden. When performing "Search" action, costing 3 Stamina, there is a chance such a hidden Point of interest to be discovered.

Chance to find[edit | edit source]

The most important parameter of a search is where is the searched Point of Interest:

  • If it is villager's close search zone (the darker search zone), it is automatically discovered;
  • If it is further, but still in the villager's search zone, there is a chance for it to be discovered, depending on his/hers Perception. Unsuccessful tries are still useful - the chances of those Points of interest being discovered in next search actions are increased;
  • If the Point of interest is not in the villager's search zone, it is not discovered or affected in any way.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Some Perks affect searching for Points of interest:

  • "Scavenger" helps a lot;
  • "Sharp eyed" helps;
  • "Unobservant" reduces the chances of finding anything.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Try to remember where you've searched;
  • Don't search in the same zone your "close search zone" once was - there can't be an undiscovered Points of interest;
  • Boosting Perception is helpful when searching; Eagle potion is the easiest way to achieve it;
  • Deep focus Condition (Owl's potion) reduces the chances of finding anything;
  • In case you are far away from The Village and you need your Stamina for something else, searching might be a bad idea;
  • New Points of interest might spawn during the Night Phase.