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Stamina is one of the three primary statistics of The Character and probably the most dynamic one. It represent the energy of the character, or what is known as "action points" in many games.

Boots icon and a numeric value

Most of the actions a character can undertake have a Stamina cost. There are also many ways to restore it - from mystical potions, through eating to simple rest. Thus, managing this parameter - increasing it and spending what you have wisely is a key component of Grimmwood.

The default maximum Stamina is 250. A character can regenerate 1 stamina every five minutes of rest, and more through various means.

Stamina is indicated by a numeric value in the Avatar Hub, in the upper right corner of the screen. Next to it is the rest button, which activates Stamina regeneration while the player is inactive.

Stamina cost for Actions[edit | edit source]

Most actions have a Stamina cost, which represent the energy and/or time they need to lose, in order to perform them. If a character does not have enough Stamina to spend for an action, it is unavailable for him/her.

The Stamina cost varies a lot, depending on the specific action:

  • Free actions - communicating, moving around in the boundaries of an area, fighting , eating, drinking and using item from the inventory cost no Stamina.
  • Most actions, performed in an area outside the village, cost between 1 and 10 Stamina, very often 5 pts. These include scouting, making a camp, searching the area, gathering food and resources of all types and others.
  • Travelling cost from one area to another varies a lot - between 6 and 45, depending on how loaded is the character and what is the terrain type, additionally modified by the Mobility boosts or penalties.
  • Crafting / repairing / breaking down also vary a lot, depending on recipe's complexity and how damaged is an item. The easiest thing to do is cook, usually for 1 Stamina point, and most costly is the crafting of a complex item like a sword and the repair of such with 0 Durability - Stamina cost for one try may exceed 50 pts.
  • Building - the player decides how many points to spend, limited only by the remaining cost of the construction.

Stamina regeneration[edit | edit source]

In order to increase their efficiency in the game, the players need to regenerate as much points of Stamina they can and spend them wisely. There are several methods to do that:

Rest activated.png
  • Resting - it is activated by clicking the "Zzz" button, next to the stamina indicator, or when a character logs off the game. The time for restoring 1 point depends on character's Thirst. This is the slowest method for restoring Stamina, yet it is easiest and costs nothing. Note that resting is unavailable while the player is in battle and that it is interrupted upon reaching maximum Stamina or performing an action, which is not Stamina free. In case of interruption, the current Stamina point regeneration progress is lost. This progress is indicated by a ring-shaped yellow progress bar around the rest button. Ideally, a character can restore 1 point for 5 minutes or 288 points a day.
  • Eating - when food is available , this can be an instant source of Stamina for the character. Since it depends whether the character is hungry, regenerating Stamina this way is limited - read the Hunger page to learn more.
  • During the Night Phase - a villager restores a base of 50 Stamina, modified depending on their Conditions. (Insomniac and Hyperactive have negative effect), location (outside or inside the village), commodities, such as camp, tent, bedroll (the last one effective in the village as well). Evening action Meditate improves the regeneration process as well.
  • Energizing potions (Items) - drinking Squirrel's potion results in +60 Stamina and the negative "Hyperactive" Condition. There is also the rare Rejuvenation potion, which restores Stamina to its maximum capacity with no negative effects - this one the novice players receive in their first two villages.

Maximum Stamina[edit | edit source]

The maximum Stamina mainly affects how long can you leave your character unattended, without stopping to regenerate Stamina, as well as how much can you travel or do at one go. It does not affect the character's efficiency in any way.

Maximum Stamina is modified by:

Tips[edit | edit source]

Stamina is directly related to the overall efficiency of a character, it is crucial to learn to manage it well and since spending it depends greatly on the specific actions and situation, mainly tips for gaining it can be summarized.

  • Learn to manage your Hunger and Thirst since they directly affect Stamina regeneration.
  • Keep a bedroll in you Inventory during the Night Phase. This will give you extra stamina recovery.
  • Try not entering a battle you cannot resolve quickly since you cannot rest while engaged. If you are waiting for someone to arrive it is better to not engage before reinforcements arrive, instead rest whilst you wait.
  • If you are AFK but logged in, don't forget to activate your Rest.
  • Only use a rejuvenation potion when you have completely used up your stamina as much as possible to obtain the maximum value from the replenishment.
  • Plan your daily cycle. Log in often enough to spend points before you reach the maximum - building the Moat and scavenging is almost always an option if you don't have a better idea. Just spend enough, before logging off, in order not to reach the maximum while being offline otherwise the excess stamina is lost!
  • During the Night Phase you will restore a lot of stamina, so make sure you spend enough before it.
  • If you are likely to be logged in for a long time, or will be logging in frequently during the course of the day, it might be a good idea to preserve your stamina in case you are required to help someone.
  • Plan your routes when travelling as this uses a lot of stamina!
  • Don't carry junk around - carrying some items for long distances is not worthwhile. Each level of Loaded will increase the stamina cost of travel.