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Swamp area map.png

Swamp is one of the 5 terrains in Grimmwood. Swamp zones are randomly generated around the map.

This terrain is hard to cross. It contains at least one Pond.

Image Travelling cost* Visibility Points of interest**
15 medium Pond

Point of interest specifics[]

  • Food source distribution: Ponds are most common by far;
  • Underbrush distribution: most common are roots, mushrooms and cabbage, but nuts and berries are found often enough as well;
  • Pond fish distribution: huge fish is found here often;
  • Pond water contamination risk: Huge;
  • Herbage distribution: hagsleaves are most common; black garlic, golden thyme, redberry and and maiden's lily can be found;
  • Pond can always be found here and all Ponds here are generally more abundant of fish.
  • There is a very high chance to find Herbage here.


  • When travelling, avoid this area at any cost - it has very high Stamina cost.
  • Avoid drinking water from Swamps.
  • Harpoon is the best choice for fishing here.