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The Village is where all characters start off in Grimmwood. The name of The Village is randomly generated each game.

Terrain Generation[]
  • The Village is always spawned around the middle of the map
  • The Village is always surrounded by Meadows
  • Forest is the predominant terrain throughout most of the map
  • The rest of the terrain is generated in zones - Deep ForestMeadowSwamp and Hills
  • There is always at least one Deep Forest zone at least two distance or closer to The Village


Town Hall[]

This shows a record of all villagers within a town, both alive and dead. From here, votes to banish villagers can be started if a vote is not already taking place, or to vote on an existing one.

My house[]

This is where a villager's personal storage is, as well as setting on how one will act during the Night Attack


This is the storage for the village. Everything is this facility is shared amongst other villagers. Using, placing or removing items from storage is recorded.


This is where items can be Crafted, such as potions or tools. Tools and weapons can also be repaired here or broken down for parts.


This is where the details of the next Night Attack can be found and is used to scout for monster lairs.


This is where you can drink water and quench thirst. Also you can refill your flasks here.


This is complex of structures, you can build for village protection.