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Thirst is one of the three secondary statistics of The Character.

This value ranges from 0 to 800, and it can result in two negative Conditions - both decreasing Stamina regeneration while resting and the second of which can be fatal, if present in the Night Phase.

Thirst Condition Stamina regen Sanity penalty Sanity penalty Aristocrat Kidney failure chance
0-99 none 5 min. 0 0 0
100-499 Thirsty 10 min. 3 5 0
500-800 Dehydrated 15 min. 10 ? 25%-75%

Thirst increased[]

  • 1 per 7.5 minutes (double in case of Stomach problems Condition)
  • 1 per each Stamina point used

Thirst decreased[]

  • Drinking from village well / pond sets Thirst to 0.
  • 1 doze from a water-skin or gourd-water jug decreases thirst by 150.
  • Drinking tea decreases thirst by 150.


  • While in The Village, don't forget to drink water - on log in or after you do some work (in case you gain Thirsty condition), before you log out and before you leave the village.
  • Since traveling and doing actions costs a lot of Stamina and thus thirst, in order to avoid slower regeneration of Stamina carry some water container with you. Don't forget to fill it, before you exit The Village.
  • Alternatively, you can plan a short trip - travel, do your planned work, return to The Village and drink from the well - even if you get thirsty meanwhile, this will not affect you, since you will not rest in that short period of time.
  • Drink a doze of water or from the well before logging out, even if you do not have thirst-related Condition, yet. Thus, you will have more time before you get thirsty. Even while you are offline, your thirst rises and its negative effects apply.
  • Drinking from ponds is risky, especially in a Swamp Terrain and least so in the Hills. The water might be contaminated and this will probably result in Stomach problems Condition. Still, in some cases this might be the better choice.
  • Considering the speed of gaining thirst and if you have 0 thirst on log out, you have 12 hours until gaining "Thirsty" Condition and about than 2.5 days until "Dehydrated".