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Whitewood grove
Whitewood grove
Type PoI
A grove with whitewood trees, which is a great material for constructing light structures.

This is a point of interest that always appears in Forest tiles
You may collect firewood from these areas, and chop trees provided you have a tool to do so from them.
Like most points of interest, they replenish a bit after each day.


action tool cost efficiency gain
Gather Firewood Hand 5 Average 0-3 Items.Firewood.png Firewood
Chop Wood Items.Axe.png 10 Excellent 1-3 Items.Whitewood.png Whitewood
Chop Wood Items.SmallAxe.png 10 High 1-3 Items.Whitewood.png Whitewood
Chop Wood Items.Hacksaw.png 10 High 1-3 Items.Whitewood.png Whitewood
Chop Wood Items.Saw.png 10 Terrible 1-3 Items.Whitewood.png Whitewood


Gather Firewood[]

Is mainly effected by Perception

Negative effect

Chopping Wood[]

Is mainly effected by the tool you use and Strength + Dexterity.

Negative effect