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The Workshop is a building located in the village, where you can craft, repair and breakdown items.

Crafting is significantly more difficult than the other two, repair and breakdown cost and difficulty increases with the decrease of Durability of the items. There are different lists of items, that can be crafted, repaired and broken down. For example the rifle can only be repaired.

For these actions, Stamina and usually tools are required, for crafting you also need the corresponding components. There is a chance of failure that depends on craft difficulty (indicated for the selected recipe and taking in consideration all bonuses and penalties of the villager). In some cases when you fail, you might lose some or all components when crafting fails (they always lost for potions and food). Some Perks and Conditions affect difficulty of particular craft, most distinctively Craftsman and Herbalist. Also Concentration and Dexterity influence all kinds of craft.


  • Let proficient villagers handle more complex recipes - Herbalist is best for potions, Craftsman for tools and weapons; Second best are Dexterous and Focused villagers;
  • Don't hesitate to do the easier thing yourself - minor repairs, cooking and so on - you can hardly fail in this;
  • If you plan to spend more time in the Workshop, drink an Owl's potion first - it will increase your chances of success;
  • Watch your Conditions - it's best to be Invigorated, it is bad to be Stressed and if you are Hectic or Terrified - better stay out of the Workshop;
  • Craft only what's really needed - in the first days it is easier to scavenge for tools and weapons;
  • Repair items before they break and before you go in The Forest with them, since you don't want them breaking during your missions, whatever it is;
  • Don't let the Durability of the items to drop to 0, since this makes repair and breakdown much more difficult and costly;
  • Repairing items for 1-2 Durability might not be a good idea - it is too costly, considering and tools durability might drop ;
  • Repair very complex items before their Durability is too low, since due to the difficulty it is likely that they will lose Maximum Durability even if you succeed; Maximize your chances;
  • Breakdown useless items to make what you need - many tools and weapons can be broken down to quarterstaffs, tents can be broken down to whitewood and cloth (which is useful for Bandages) and so on.